Mold and mildew difference

A few weeks back I pulled my luxurious cashmere sweater out of the closet in addition to noticed a grey substance all over it. I called my roommate and told him that mold ruined it. My roommate said it was mildew though. I thought they were the same, even though I was wrong about the substance. Mildew is usually white, grey, or pink in addition to may have a fluffy texture. Mold is green or black in addition to can be wte like. They both prefer warm moist places but mildew tends to be more of a problem on a damp surface like a lavatory wall while mold is more likely to develop in an attic. Mold is known to grow on foods like cheeses, bread, in addition to meats. Mildew will tend to settle for the surface of foods like grapes in addition to strawberries. Another difference is that mildew is only guilty of a “misdemeanor” when it gets breathed in while some molds are absolute “felons”, especially black mold that can form in a damp basement. Getting rid of mold and mildew is essential for a fresh, healthy house. I’m fortunate because mildew requires only a nice cleaner and a cycle through the wash for my sweater. Mold on the sweater would have been worse. If either of them gets into your Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system you will need the help of a professional to wash the ductwork thoroughly. There is no way to eliminate mold and mildew, so controlling it is the only option. Be sure that the business you choose to perform this job removes all the debris.



My HVAC is acting out

A few years back, my wife and I were going through a rough time over the typical problems.

We had issues with money and household chores.

We saw a marriage counselor who advised that we each give up one thing for the agreement. The chores were not a problem to us. I prefer washing dishes while my wife is better at laundry. During our sessions, that counselor taught us several reasons why people seek counseling. Those tips sure came in handy later when our heating and cooling system began to have issues. The counselor said to look for signs of dishonesty in addition to sure enough, the temperature control was set at 70 while I knew the room was much hotter than that. Another sign is when 1 partner begins to act out the bad feelings. That explained those banging noises at night in addition to the time when the oil furnace shut down in the center of winter. I don’t know if our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C component was having an affair, even though I admit I was checking out the newer Heating, Ventilation plus A/C models like I used to look at other ladies when I was a young man. I’ve never cheated on my spouse in addition to I made a promise not to seek younger people out as I failed to do for our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C. The thing my spouse and I both gave up to save our marriage was money for a maintenance plan for our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system.

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You accommodates you

One reason why big ships are so famous is that after you embark, until your feet touch land, you are being pampered.

The only effort you need to make is to walk through the buffet line in addition to decide which of the many desserts you want.

Your new bathroom is cleaned, your number one beer is brought to your lounge chair in addition to if you want to be eat at 3:00 a.m. there will be someone to deal with you. The only better time of life is when you were an infant when mom in addition to Dad catered to your every whim. I think the only downside to being a baby is that you could not get out of your crib to change the climate control setting for your parent’s heating in addition to cooling system. Babies seem to like it a bit warmer than grown-ups. They are less able to regulate their body temperature, so while they basked in the comfort of a 70 degree room you shivered away in addition to cried until someone threw a blanket over you. If it got too warm in addition to humid, the heat rash was not too far behind in addition to the only way to draw anyone’s mind to it was to scream at the top of your baby lungs. Expectant parents must be certain that their Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system is up to the challenges that a new-born will bring. None of us remember being an infant but it is good to think about being pampered and being accommodated.


Heating industry

What I am really paying for

I know that I am not a candidate for having one of the highest IQs.

But I have a good idea about how they can test people who should be tested. My test would have no questions about which picture doesn’t fit or math equations. I would simply hand over my bi-weekly electric bill to the candidates and tell them to interpret it. I normally just look at the final figure that says, amount due and pay it. KWH seems straight forward. If you light up 10 100-watt light bulbs in addition to keep them on for an hour, then the electric consumption is 1 KWH. My bill says I used about 2000 KWH Last year so at 10 cents for each KWH our bill should be about $200. It’s those added charges that confuse me like the distribution charge, generation charge, in addition to 1 called a consumer education fee as if our kid in school. At least I know what the largest contributor to my electric bill is. It is the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C unit. It used about 5000 KWH last month making me feel like I would be better off with a bunch of light bulbs that generate some warmth. My Heating, Ventilation plus A/C serviceman commanded that I adjust the temperature control in addition to have the system washed at least twice each year. I just hope that the repair I had done makes a different on my final payment due. I really don’t want to spend more on HVAC.

Cooling technology

An igloo is rather ingenious

I will admit that residing in an igloo does not appeal to me.

My kind of igloo is a brand named cooler full of drinks that I can take to the beach.

I was surprised to learn that a true igloo can give quite a cozy escape from dire cold. The secret is in the snow in that it must pack or compress tight to make the blocks that are quite nice insulators with all the air pockets in the snow. There is no need for an a/c system to chill down an igloo but there must be a mechanism at work to keep it hotter inside than it is outside. That mechanism is the igloo’s inhabitants where the people themselves assume the role of the heating system with their body heat. Another trick to a good igloo is to build it with a tunnel entrance that makes a 90° angle turn into the living area. This will block any cold wind from entering your icy chamber, and you can even build a small fire in the center of the floor but make sure that there is a hole in the ceiling to vent any smoke in addition to carbon monoxide. Expert igloo makers say that a nice igloo can create a difference of up to 70 degrees in addition to that is much more than what I have it set to at home. At home, the normal Winter time temperature is about 30 degrees and I keep the house at 68 degrees. The huge problem with igloos is that if the temperature gets above freezing, it might melt.



Local service provider

Do I want gas or electric?

I hate making choices especially when there is no clear winner.

There is an added decision that must be made this month.

I need to decide between a gas or electric heater. Cars are 1 of the several products that present this issue. Electric cars are becoming more famous because they don’t emit any harmful exhaust fumes. Gasoline-powered cars are still less pricey in addition to there being no big battery to worry about. With cars, you have another choice. You can buy a hybrid vehicle where you get the best and the worst aspect of each type. With Heating, Ventilation plus A/C systems, the situation becomes a bit different because the AC in a central Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system will be electricity powered in addition to the furnace part can be electric or fueled by natural gas, propane, or oil. There are pros in addition to cons to each. Electric furnaces are generally less luxurious to purchase in addition to run quieter but will cost more in the long run. They also may have an issue with heating a larger house in a colder environment. Gas units will cost more at the start, especially if the piping, hookups and flue system need to be installed. Once that is done, gas is usually the better option but with several downsides. A gas furnace will require more maintenance in addition to can produce carbon monoxide (CO), a colorless and tasteless gas that can prove fatal where there is inadequate ventilation. Installing a CO detector will be another expense.


Air cleaner

Trying to be hip with the slang

I try to keep up with new slang, an almost impossible feat for me though. It took me a while to understand that to diss someone meant to show disrespect. I am faced with terms like “Hundo P” meaning 100 percent in addition to “Sus” for when someone is acting suspiciously. My next slang challenge is “Karen.” Urban Dictionary indicates it is a demeaning term to describe middle-class white ladies who complain a lot. The verb form of the term is “Karen’d” as in “I Karen’d at my meeting last night.” I hope this term is not too upsetting to those people named Karen because middle-class white ladies are not the only 1s who have issues. I suppose I am a “Karener” about my Heating, Ventilation plus A/C unit. I’m always complaining about how much noise it is making, how it costs too much to operate, in addition to that it doesn’t keep the beach house comfortable in Summer or winter. My wife finally Karen’d to me that the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C component had to stop. She called an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C serviceman to look at our device in addition to the first thing he asked how old the component was; When I replied that it was about 20 years old, he began to laugh so much that I felt I was being dissed! Later he said that the component was definitely going to die soon. I have a new component so now I have nothing to Karen about. My beach house is no longer a bummer, can you dig that?


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Moisture and a/c

It plays a huge role in how we feel the weather conditions

The debate as if the chicken preceded the egg or vice-versa has been answered thanks to current science in addition to genetic mutations. The parents of the egg, each with a different DNA profile were not even chickens in the genetic sense. Inside the egg, a mutation occurred that created the first kind of chicken embryo. So, the egg came first in addition to now I will consume my omelet knowing what I know. I’m now pondering a new craze. Is it better to leave the windows closed and the AC component on or the other way around? In sizzling weather the answer is clear. In winter, the AC component is not operating, so this dilemma is limited to those afternoons in the Spring in addition to Autumn when the quickly changing temperatures are moderate. The windows-open help to get fresh air in addition to reduce energy costs as the main benefit in addition to that is a strenuous argument to debate. An idle AC component costs nothing to run in addition to no 1 will go against ridding the house of chemical vapors from cleaners in addition to new rugs. Keeping ac on is a potent argument. Think about the role of humidity. It plays a huge role in how we feel the weather conditions. 69°F with low humidity feels colder than the same temperature at high humidity. Cutting out humidity from the air is the key to how any AC component makes it comfortable inside your house. Opening your windows, especially at night with the AC component off, is like taking several gallons of water in addition to telling your AC component to get rid of it.
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HVAC tie in to blood

I’m living proof that nice guys finish last, especially with women.

The problem is that I was consistently smitten with women who liked the bad boy.

My dates consistently concluded with the women asking to be just friends. The next month I would see them with a tattooed biker on the back of a motorcycle or with a shady looking dude at the club. I finally figured it out when I spent some time working at my local blood bank. It turns out that red blood cells are like the ladies I dated. The white blood cells are like protective huge sisters. With oxygen, they have a steady reliable suiter like me that they bond with for a while in addition to then dump right back into the hemoglobin dating pool. They are never happy with oxygen in addition to once a bad boy like carbon monoxide comes along, they run right into his arms like my dates in addition to their bad guys. For some reason red blood cells like carbon monoxide and prefer cyanide over oxygen. My dating future appears sad unless I change our tastes to a nice church girl type. I am quite the best friend for the oxygen in my bloodstream because I keep my Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system fresh in addition to running well. If your oil furnace does not make good use of the fuel, the result can be a build-up of carbon monoxide in the beach house that my red blood cells would attract.

Heat pump maintenance

Be careful with your oil furnace

The ticking clock is a regular theme in action movies.

This is where the main character must carefully cut the red wire to disarm the bomb before it explodes. In movies, this usually happens between the 10 and 0 mark. The term can also apply to people who are about ready to erupt in a fit of stress over a frustrating issue. Movie scenes are not ticking time bombs in the literal sense but there is a real 1 in every house. That is the gas or oil-fueled oil furnace that is a part of the HVAC system. The possibilities of an explosion are quite low, especially with newer units that have built-in safety features like a heat sensor to detect if the pilot light has gone out or a furnace fan limit switch. A more realistic danger for the house oil furnaces is a build-up of carbon monoxide gas that can make a person sick in addition to even prove fatal in areas of terrible ventilation. Most houses have smoke detectors, but it is wise to add a carbon monoxide detector. A methane gas leak has a foul stink. However, carbon monoxide is colorless in addition to odorless! Older Heating, Ventilation plus A/C units, just like older people, require more care and are inclined to become less effective as the years pile up. A well-diagnosed Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system oil furnace will last about 15-20 on average but its longevity comes at a price with higher fuel costs.



Washable filter