Trying to get my father to agree to nutritional counseling

When my father grew up, his family ate meat and potatoes every evening for dinner.

Every meal was loaded in starch, butter and saturated fat.

His mother was convinced that eating before bed helps you sleep. She sent her kids to bed on a full stomach. I disagree with this way of thinking. Because he was raised with bad eating habits, my father has suffered a lot of health problems. He deals with dangerously high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and has pain in his joints. At the core progression center located near me, they provide nutritional counseling. I would like to get my dad on some type of nutritional program. I have attempted to convince him that meat is not necessary for every meal. I have tried to move him away from potato dishes and get more veggies and fruit in his diet. He doesn’t listen to me. I do not want him to have a heart attack or a stroke before he reaches 60 years old. I am hoping a personal fitness expert might improve his health and get him onto a better meal plan. He needs to incorporate a wider variety of healthy foods into his diet. He should cut back on the amount he eats. If he gets on a healthier diet plan, maybe he could start working out a bit. When he was young, nobody worked out or was concerned about fitness. My father worked in construction, and his job was his only physical activity. Now that he has retired, he does very little other than sit in his favorite chair. If I could get him to workout a couple times per week, it would make a big difference. My dad is set in her ways however. I hope the core progression staff will help him become fit and healthy.

Semi-private fitness training

Amazing fitness center while on vacation

Following my stretch I would shower and end my workout.

The best gym I’ve worked out in was when I was on vacation in a foreign country. Oddly enough, this location was not renowned for working out and wasn’t located in a big city. In a small foreign town, where they utilize geothermal heating, there was one of the only public swimming pools located in the entire country. The pool and hot tub were both heated geothermally. There were also steam baths and saunas available. The indoor fitness center was just outstanding. One area was dedicated to the weight lifting machines. There were plenty of small hand held weights as well as the larger barbells. Another area offered cardio machines including treadmills, rowing machines, ellipticals and stair steppers.There was a large open space for the yoga studio. The floor was covered in mats and there was a gigantic mirror. They offered wobble boards, push up boards, jump ropes, heavy bags, resistance bands and foam rollers. I was in that section for my workout every morning while I was on vacation. After my workout, I’d head to the swimming pool to do some laps and cool down. After a pleasant swim, I would finish with a trip to the sauna. In the hot water, I would enjoy a deep stretch and work on flexibility. The heat and steam helped to get my muscles loose after tightening up while swimming laps. Following my stretch I would shower and end my workout. It took me over an hour to complete everything. That is a long work out but I looked forward to it everyday. I was able to access all different types of equipment that I never tried before.

Workout planner

Getting a new workout program

I have decided to become more active, & the way I am doing that is by joining a local health & wellness center.

At this unique health & wellness center, they have a lot of things.

They have the gym section. That is where they have machines & free weights for weight lifting. Workout plans nowadays include weight lifting because weight lifting helps build strength. A lot of ladies worry that weight lifting will make them look like boys with giant old muscles, but that is not true. Weight lifting with a minimal amount of weight just gives you the strength you need to live a nice life. My modern workout system includes a little weight lifting. In addition to the gym, the health & wellness center has several swimming pools. One pool is used for water workout classes, & the other 1 is used for lap swimming. The health & wellness center also has an indoor track for walking or running in air-conditioned comfort. I am a fan of that because it’s so darn hot in my neck of the woods. Also, when you first become a member, you can get assigned a personal trainer & she or she will supply you with a certain number of hours of personal training. I guess it’s fantastic! They do not have a nutritionist on staff, but if you want nutritional counseling, they can hook you up with someone who can supply it. They have some affiliation with several nurse’s offices & 1 of the local hospitals, so there are plenty of people to offer nutritional counseling. I love my modern workout plan.


Steam rooms

A health and wellness plan

My friend Gloria works at a nonprofit agency that looks out for the well-being of elderly folks. I guess that is such a wonderful job to have; I don’t do much good at my locale of employment, but the actual labor isn’t terrible. I am making more money than I have ever made in my life, which is something good, right? I wish my manager provided me more than a salary, but all I absolutely get is my salary & my health insurance. My boss begrudgingly signs that health insurance check each month & wishes she could take it away. She doesn’t get it because she is covered under her partner’s policy, & I do confess it is overpriced, although I don’t care. If she takes away that benefit I will quit. Anyway, my friend Gloria’s manager has the correct health & wellness policy. In their health & wellness policy, they stress the importance of remaining healthy & strong. Their health & wellness provides several unusual benefits. First of all, they get an absolutely nice health system as part of their benefits package. Secondly, they can get membership discounts at a certain local gym if they choose to join that gym. If they want to join an unusual health & wellness center instead, they can put in for reimbursement & they can get the equivalent amount they would have saved by joining the other gym. Also, they have someone come in once a month while I was in labor hours & supply yoga classes in the break room area. Finally, they can get reimbursed for the services of a nutritional counselor.


Health plans

I enjoy the lap pool

They have swimming pools for lap swimming & water exercise classes.

Every day, I look for a modern job online. I have a great job, & I don’t absolutely don’t care for it or anything, although I don’t get a lot of perks. I do get the pressing 1 – nice health insurance that they pay for – but that’s all I get. Almost all the people else I know, including my kid who is only in her minute job since graduation from college, gets a whole lot more than I do. They get 401K matching, they get to labor from home, & they get membership discounts at the local gym or even yoga studio of their choice. I find that to be such a smart investment in a business’s employees. Health & wellness should be a priority for companies that want thrilled, productive employees. My kid doesn’t choose to get a membership discount at the gym because she has a house gym set up in her house… Because of that, her company simply pays her the equivalent amount as a bonus in her paycheck. How wonderful is that? That has been especially beneficial while I was in the stay-at-house orders. A gym membership discount isn’t worth much if all the gyms are closed, even though she gets her money regardless. The health & wellness center in my neighborhood is absolutely gorgeous. They have massage therapists. They have a sauna & a steam room. They have swimming pools for lap swimming & water exercise classes. If I could get a membership discount to join, I would join in a heartbeat. Wellness & fitness is difficult to attain & takes dedication to maintain. I need all the perks I can get from my manager to stay healthy & strong.



Gym transformations

A more gentle exercise

So, I did a little online research & I discovered that yoga classes are recognizably nice for older folks who need a more gentle form of exercise

Have you ever taken any kind of workout classes? In all honesty, I am not absolutely a fan of workout classes, or absolutely working out at all. I am much more the lie-down-and-read-a-book kind of woman. I guess that’s why my college major was English! Anyway, although I am not an extrovert, & even the idea of workout classes makes me cringe, I am aware that exercise is vital to nice health. I am having difficulty finding the energy I need to make the commitment to join the local gym, although I have to do something, right? I mean I am getting older, I have high blood pressure & arthritis, & so I need to be more active. Of course, workout classes are painful. In fact, just walking is painful, but the nurses keep telling me that if I would just transport more, I would have less pain. Well, I have been thinking about taking yoga classes. A nice friend of mine goes to the local gym three times a month & takes yoga classes with about twenty other people. So, I did a little online research & I discovered that yoga classes are recognizably nice for older folks who need a more gentle form of exercise. Yoga classes help improve the mind-body connection & can also improve balance & flexibility. I have lost a certain amount of range of motion in my limbs, so maybe yoga classes are a nice idea for me; My friend says I can try 1 out with her as her guest 1 day, so maybe I will start with that.

Yoga studio

Yoga to keep loose

I am no longer a Spring chicken, but that doesn’t mean that exercise is less pressing than it used to be.

In fact, it is certainly more pressing.

When I was younger, & today as well, I was too fat. It was exercise just living my daily life, as I was legitimately active. I was constantly going somewhere & doing something. Now, I am in my fifties & I have arthritis & fibromyalgia. I am trying to find some kind of workout classes or other kind of exercise to help me be healthier as I age. I need to keep a nice sense of balance. I need to lose a bit of weight. I need to keep moving so that I can continue to be able to. One thing I have been looking into is yoga classes. I guess yoga classes can help me as I get older; Yoga classes can help build muscle strength & keep joints healthy. Even though yoga classes look straight-forward & self-explanatory, that is not true, especially for older folks who love me who are not used to taking workout classes or absolutely doing anything harder than clicking the remote. Yoga classes can improve flexibility, which I absolutely need, & can also benefit overall health by encouraging a mind-body connection. The local gym that I used to belong to offers a whole host of workout classes, & they do have quite a few yoga classes as well. I am thinking about going ahead & getting a gym membership so I can try out the swimming pool & the yoga classes.


Health and wellness

Loving the land of the HVAC heat pump

There aren’t too many better things than to get up on a December morning and have coffee on my deck in my robe and slippers.

That sure wouldn’t have happened up north. To me, after much of my adult life being spent with bitter cold winters, a cup of coffee in my robe is bliss. Just being able to sit and enjoy my coffee with all the sun and the blue skies is something I will never take for granted. I also won’t be flipping on the HVAC furnace anymore either. I spent so much of my life dealing with the worst parts of winter. All that shoveling and slipping on the ice are distant memories. I now call the land of the HVAC heat pump home. That thing is one of the most versatile machines I have ever encountered. We all are aware of the how good the heat pump is when it comes to cooling. And, we need every bit of it in this region during the summer. However, the fact that all I have to do is move a switch on the HVAC thermostat to have cozy heat is amazing to me. How the heat pump makes this instant switch from cooling to heating is even more amazing. The heat pump helps cool a house by extracting heat energy and exhausting it outside. So, when you flip the switch to heating, the heat pump simply reverses flow. Now, it is able to extract heat energy from the ambient outside air and bring it inside. It just blows my mind that it can do this down to temps in the low forties. The land of the heat pump is a great place to be.

Heating and cooling provider

My concerns include the indoor air quality of my home

It is taking me some time to get right in my head all of the new realities we are going to face in the next year or so.

And, that is after our lives were turned upside down in less than 60 days.

I couldn’t have predicted how I would handle a pandemic. But, I suppose I am just handling it. We are primarily inside our HVAC controlled house when we aren’t out for a walk or getting groceries. We are attempting to do our jobs from home but, both of us have had to take pay cuts in order to keep our jobs. That is tough any way you frame it. However, there is a feeling that we must accept and adapt the best we can to our new circumstances. Of course one of the main concerns is preserving our health. Well, I have decided that the best way to do that is to get active about strengthening our immune health. We both eat fairly well and we have become a lot more committed to our exercise regimen. However, I have recently learned that one of the most important things one can do for immune health is to improve the indoor air quality of your home. After reading some of the stats on how important indoor air quality is to a person’s overall health, I was motivated to make some changes. Out went the cheap HVAC air filters and in came the HEPA type filters that remove 99 percent of airborne contaminants. That was an easy fix and something that will make an immediate difference. However, I may also go the route of whole house air purification. But, we’ll wait and see on the move. Just like we are waiting to see on so much other stuff.


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Pregnant ladies get all the HVAC they want

So, with the smart thermostat, I was able to put an app on her phone that will allow her to remotely control the temperature setting

I am a guy and what I am about to say may not make any sense whatsoever. However, I could never survive what pregnancy is putting my wife through. I am simply not tough enough in any sense of the word. My beautiful wife is very, very pregnant right now. She is so uncomfortable and I feel completely helpless to ease her pain. I don’t think there is a stronger individual on this earth than a pregnant woman. We are having our first child so all of this is new to both of us. Both of us went into this with lots of detailed planning and strategies. Both of our career take us to separate but nicely HVAC controlled office buildings. It’s nice though because we are close enough to have lunch together most days. It was certain folly that we thought this pregnancy was going to be something we could control. My wife was struggling from the outset. The morning sickness was a brutal period for her. As the pregnancy wore on, it began taking quite a toll on her very slender frame. She was just miserable trying to go to work and do her job. Finally, the doctor said enough is enough. In her 7th month she was ordered to bed. Frankly, I was relieved but my poor wife was still so uncomfortable. I couldn’t do as much as I wanted so I found small ways to help her feel better. One of my better ideas was to have a smart HVAC thermostat installed. Due to her condition, her internal temperature changes at the drop of a hat. So, with the smart thermostat, I was able to put an app on her phone that will allow her to remotely control the temperature setting. Now, anytime she wants, she can get all the HVAC she needs.

a/c installation