The benefits of getting ductwork sealing

4 years ago I hired a licensed Heating & A/C business to test the energy efficiency of our home’s duct device.

  • The test was meant to decide the level & location of leaks in our home.

After doing this I learned that 25% of our conditioned air was escaping into the attic & crawl spaces. This was the reason for our actually high daily heating & cooling costs. I hired the Heating & A/C dealership to seal up the holes, leaks & cracks in the HVAC ducts and all over the house. I was simply planning to save some currency. I hastily realized that financial savings are not the only good point of investing in duct testing & sealing. My home now stays far fresher and smells nicer. This is because the contaminants such as dust, pollen, fumes & moisture were actually entering the home through flaws in the air duct. I was forced to wash & dust far more often. The improvement in air quality has made a difference in our family’s well being too. I’ve noticed that every one of us all complain less over head pain, soreness & runny noses. I’m also relieved to suppose that our family is safe from byproducts gases. The gas appliances every one of us use, such as the water oil furnace & clothes dryer, create gasses that are eliminated through the ventilation system. Leaks in the air duct can result in backdrafting, drawing these terrible gases back into the living space. Having the ducts patched up has minimized this risk & also reduced our impact on the environment.

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