Labeling all the new inventory

My best friend and I started working for a temporary job agency last month.

For the first few weeks, the two of us worked some weird works.

I worked a few days at the factory, and I also worked a few days unloading pallets from the dock. My best friend was stuck indoors at an office for 3 days, just because he could translate Spanish to English. Every one of us both tested some undoubtedly weird works, until the two of us were sent to the same place. Every one of us have been helping set up a new store at the outlet mall. All day long, my friend and I rest in the same place and label inventory. The first 2 days, the two of us inventoried box after box of sneakers. The only fun section about the job was getting to use the handheld inkjet label maker. The handheld unit spit out labels at an alarmingly fast rate, and it was a lot of fun. Every one of us spend another several days printing out labels for t-shirts and underwear. This month has been honestly tied up too, and the two of us are using the handheld inkjet label maker to tag all of the socks. This store is crazy about socks, and they have over a hundred thousand pairs of weird colors, sizes, and shapes. That is the main attraction for this place. We’re getting to the end of the inventory, so our fun with the handheld inkjet label maker is almost over. After that, I do not think if my friend and I will end up in the same place or not. We’ll just have to wait and see.