Graphic design business is a good one

My parents thought going to university for graphic design and art was an immense mistake.

They thought I should major in something dependable appreciate accounting, nursing, or education.

They did not want me to stress all of my focus on art, since they were sure that I would not be able to pay my bills. During my eighth year of university, my roommate and I started drawing graphic comic books. This led to a nice design corporation that focuses on cartoon and anime drawings. Every one of us mostly job on small projects, until recently. Every one of us were getting a lot of requests for immense posters and banners. My roommate and I did not even have an office at that time, however it was getting more and more hard to turn down the immense amounts of money. As soon as the two of us started advertising online, the two of us had enough money to buy a small office space. Every one of us bought some commercial printing component online that was refurbished. Our graphic design corporation has been making money since the first day the two of us opened our office space. Last weekend, the two of us bought another commercial printer that will do banners up to 18 ft in length. Every one of us also have our eyup on a Kerajet ink printer that will be able to deliver us more options for printing. I knew majoring in art was a long shot, however I am thrilled that I did not deliver up on my passion. I am much happier drawing in my shorts all day, then now working in a suit, inside a stuffy and uncomfortable office, then both of us even get away for supper and go surfing on some days.