Wellness and recovery class after a bad accident

I got in a bad car accident around 4 months ago.

  • My car totally smashed like a tin can.

My neck, back and knees constantly were acting up. It got where I could not sleep, work out or even sit comfortably. My whole life was affected. I looked into different pills, medicines, exercises and stretches. Nothing seemed to provide me with any relief. I finally got desperate and found a health and fitness center. The health center focuses on personal training. However, the gym did offer wellness and recovery programs. For people who had bad accidents or physical ailments, there were certified fitness experts that worked with them. I figured it would be all old people doing downward dog and lunges. That is not what I got at all. I was in a class of 10 and we all were people who had accidents that messed us up. The fitness expert was great in leading us in light stretches to increase our mobility. I also got to work with the trainer one on one. He gave me exercises that targeted my back, neck and knee issues. I figured that overtime the injuries would flare up from overuse. Nope, the fitness expert even gave me a diet plan filled with foods to help with inflammation and pain. How amazing is that? I have never felt so good. I do my body wellness class two times a week and I look forward to it. Anytime I miss a class I can feel every muscle in my body tighten back up. I need the class.



Personal Fitness Trainer