What about fitness classes for the groom?

Everybody tries to make their wedding different and the highlight of the year.

As the best man I wanted my buddy to feel like we were all happy to be a part of the wedding party. I came up with something fun for us guys to do before the big day. I found online a personal training center that does bridal fitness. Apparently the bridesmaids and bride do a once a week fitness course until the wedding. They take measurements of the dress they are going to wear. Then the fitness expert targets areas of the girls bodies on where they want to tone up. Then they record where the dress has to be taken in overtime. I could not find anything about the groom and his guys, so I called the personal training gym. Turns out they had never had guys and their tuxes before but were willing to do it. The personal training class was a blast. The guys and I got a kick out of competing in every exercise we were given. Also, all the guys wanted to tone stomachs. So we all got to stay together the whole time and worked as a group. There was no separation and one on one with the trainer. That was better for us as a whole. The fitness expert was a machine too. The ab exercises we did were crazy hard but awesome. My friends and I all decided not to share with the bride and bridesmaids what we were doing. We wanted to look shockingly better than them. And we totally did.

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