Doing nutritional counseling and personal training before a pool party

My brother throws a once a year pool party and I literally kill myself trying to get in shape for it.

It is horrible of me, but I want to be built better than any girl at the pool.

I am a freak when it comes to working out. I don’t have an impressive job, car or hobbies. But what I do have is being built good. I do all sorts of exercises and I am constantly looking to tone in unique ways. So for the pool party, I want to look really good in my swimsuit. This year rather than freak out by cutting all pastas, breads and cheeses, I decided to get some help. There is a personal training center in my town that offers nutritional counseling. I plan to talk to the fitness expert and come up with a diet plan. I don’t want to eat super healthy and barely anything forever. Just enough to look good for the one day. I also think I might do a personal training class. Why not right? I have never had a personal trainer work with my before. I am really flexible, strong and familiar with all the different types of workouts. Who knows, the guy might be able to give me exercises I have never seen before. It certainly would not hurt me seeking out a professional. At the very least I am hoping to maintain the shape I am in. So if the nutritional counseling and training course do even a little bit of a difference, it will be money well spent.


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