Working with family isn’t always a great idea

Every one of us has an uncle relative that thinks he is the master of fixing everything. Sure, your uncle may be wonderful at fixing this or that, but should you legitimately trust him? It has been my experience that my uncle’s definition of fixing something legitimately means that they find some way to make something work. When our gas furnace broke down, I had no idea what to do. I was having a family reunion at the time and we didn’t want our family to get cold because our gas furnace wasn’t actually working. I grabbed the phone to have the HVAC worker fix our gas furnace, but my Uncle Ted told me that he would take care of it for free. I was a little hesitant, but the price tag was way better than what the HVAC contractor would charge me. He was in the gas furnace room for hours legitimately working away, and I found some area furnaces to plug in while we were waiting for him to get the job done, after a few hours, he told myself and others that our gas furnace should start to work again. When I adjust the temperature control, I thought I heard the gas furnace kick on… Thats was when we noticed that the smell of smoke was coming through the vents. The components inside of the gas furnace were melting and burning and I quickly flipped the breaker for the gas furnace. When the HVAC serviceman came over, he told me that the first problem would have been simple to fix, but my uncle had switched wires and nearly caused a home fire with our gas furnace. The HVAC serviceman explained that he had been trained and licensed to work on HVAC, but my uncle had not. Don’t worry. I have learned my lesson.

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