The window ac was easy to install

My childhood a/c plan was a weird little thing. I didn’t realize it then, however it was a window a/c device. Back in the day, I just thought it looked as if it was one big box, clinging onto the window for its own life. I often imagined it had tiny little fingers underneath it, clinging onto the window to stay in the window. This is why I particularly avoided going near it, because I was scared that it might let go of the window plus leap out at me! Yeah, my logic was odd back then. But, when I became older I bought a new house. I had to choose what cooling method I would install in the house. There were several chances to choose from; My house was small. So I stuck with the old reliable, the window cooling system. I could have selected something like a ductless mini device however it was fairly pricey. As well I am sure that getting an HVAC specialist to come for a/c repair would also be quite pricey. I decided to go with my old faithful, my window a/c machine in the end due to it was what I knew. The HVAC provider came quick plus then told me I could have just set up that machine on my own, but read the paper guidelines plus I would be all set. How stupid of me to call a HVAC dealer right? I paid a bunch of currency for a man to screw it to the window frame when I could have done it for no cost.

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