She left the a/c repair for me

When I came home from the office the other day I noticed the a/c was not even sort of working.

I put my hand against the vents, plus instead of feeling a cooling breeze, I only felt warm air! I talked to my friend about it plus obviously both of us had lost A/C for hours.

The cooling machine quit when I went to the office plus she did not get the A/C repair. I was uneasy with my roommate for leaving the A/C because now it was my thing to take care of, and it is bad for our home. In the few hours that I left, the whole house was able to heat right back up. By the time an a/c serviceman repairs the machine plus both of us get it back to cooling, the energy bill is going to be super high. It is more efficient to set the A/C machine at a higher temperature plus allow a little heat in the house. Although, to have the house sweltering plus then introduce A/C is a horrible idea. I also was worried about condensation. All the hot air mixed with the frigid air would create a ton of moisture. I just knew that mold, mildew plus fungi was going to get in the corners of my house plus even form on my a/c unit. All my roommate needed to do was call an A/C professional or at least let me know that we had an issue. Now I am stuck with the A/C disaster plus the horrible bill. It is too bad that I don’t know how to fix A/C equipment. I could have just done all the work on my own.


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