HVAC zone control when shopping would be nice

Everyone has a list that they bring to the store.

Everything seems to be in place ready to go in the cart.

You gather your wallet, head towards your car plus then towards the direction of the store. As soon as you step foot inside you are hit with super frigid air. Obviously, their a/c must be set way too much. Heading down the aisles, grabbing the required items plus then turning towards the checkout line all seems terrible with heavy AC. Why do stores do this with the cooling system? They could simply set the cooling plan just a little chillier than outside. That would actually save a lot of dough plus being easier on the A/C equipment. If the whole store had just produce or only freezer items, the A/C would make sense. But, why is the bread aisle plus canned goods getting heavy AC? Really what would make the most sense is supermarkets using HVAC zone control. Air conditioning could be with the frozen foods plus with the produce. This keeps everything in good shape. All the other boxed plus canned food items should be at the other end of the store plus getting a little warm air. It would be way nicer for the shoppers plus would save the store some dough. Zone control is not hard to have installed at all; Just get a ductless mini device or heat pump with a few indoor air handlers plus temperature controls. Then you are good to go. The currency is saved, people are more happy plus the store is the right temperature.

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