The really deserted town

Living in the middle of nowhere deserted type town, it has its benefits.

  • But, it also has a lot of disadvantages to it.

It’s tough to find a lot of common stuff that you would find in normal suburbs or even the big cities. You know, the things that the regular every day person is used to having. I had an issue quite recently trying to find a furnace filter for sale. Something like finding a simple furnace filter for sale is not something one would think is very complex! No stores in the local area of this little deserted town had a furnace filter for sale! There was only one little hardware store that even sold furnace filters, and with this store, they usually were pretty good about stocking them. But, something had happened where they did not get their usual stock of furnace filters for sale in when they were supposed to. This caused me some serious issues! My furnace filter was pretty clogged up, and I was running out of them. So at this point, it was vital that I find a furnace filter for sale right away! I got in my car and I drove over an hour and a half into the big city just to buy a stupid furnace filter! After I got my pack of furnace filters from this one hardware store in the big city, I had that long drive home. And would you believe it? During the drive home my heating system in the car broke down! This just wasn’t my day! I had to get my car to the local garage after.
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