The undiscovered truth about name HVAC brands

Something that I found out through a lot of research as well as trial and error was, that all name brand central heating and air conditioning systems have good SEER ratings! At least this is the case most of the time.

It is the lower grade and more unknown HVAC brands that usually have the really lousy or medium SEER ratings.

SEER ratings are important when it comes to buying a central heating and air conditioning system unit. This is because the SEER ratings will tell you how much energy it is going to take to heat and cool your home. If you have a really bad SEER rating, you will end up going broke when you pay your monthly electric bills. I had a friend that got an unknown HVAC brand name heating and air conditioning system, and he was so sorry he ever did that. Thinking he was going to save some bucks by paying for a cheaper non name brand HVAC unit, he ended up paying triple when it came to the money he was having to spend on his monthly energy bills all together. Me, I never made that mistake because I always went with major named HVAC brands. But I just did it because I knew I could not go wrong with a name HVAC brand. Now, that I find out about the whole aspect of named HVAC brands having great SEER ratings, I feel even better about sticking to my guns on that choice over the years! I hope this was a helpful read to everyone.

Air conditioning professional