Going cheap on the hotel was a bad idea

Back when my wife and I went on our first vacation in a very long time I was the one who was put in charge of planning everything. It had been a very long time since i had to book flights and find hotels in good locations, and in all honesty I had completely forgotten how hard planning a vacation can be. After spending so many hours calling different hotels and making sure everything was taken care of I was extremely let down when vacation time finally rolled around and we showed up to the first hotel that I had booked us. The entire area surrounding the hotel was in pretty bad shape, but the hotel seemed to be even worse. There was no air conditioning in the room which was the biggest problem we were facing, considering we just had to walk over here a mile with our luggage. As you might have already imagined, my wife was not very impressed with me. In fact, it took her a solid hour and a half to say a single word to me after we showed up. Later on after getting over the fact that we were going to have to go without air conditioning for the next twelve hours, we ended up getting to sleep after a long period of being woken up by the police sirens and other miscellaneous noises in the middle of the night. The rest of the vacation ended up going great, but you can bet that was the last time that I was put in charge of planning our vacations!

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