I don’t need a CGI furnace repair

My husband and I were watching TV last night.

I don’t even remember what we were watching.

It was mostly on for background noise. What I do remember is a commercial for a heating and air conditioning company that came on. I don’t remember the commercial for being good. I remember it for how terrible it was. I love technology and all but there is such a thing as going too far. This commercial went too far. It would not have been ok if they had done it well but they definitely didn’t. The premise of the commercial was typical. It depicted a woman whose furnace wasn’t working and she calls up this HVAC company and they come and fix her problem in 30 seconds. What was terrible about it was that it was all done with CGI. The people were real but nothing else was and it looked so fake. It wasn’t just a green screen either. No, it was all fake. The technician worked on a CGI furnace with CGI tools. The Lady sat on a CGI couch. I mean, how hard would it have been to have filmed this commercial in a real house with a real couch and a real furnace? Heck, I have a furnace they could have used. It is a real furnace, not a CGI one, and it needs repairing. However, I will not be calling the HVAC company from the commercial. I will call a reputable place that uses real tools, not CGI ones. I don’t expect it to be fixed in 30 seconds but I do need a real fix, not a fake one.



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