A heating crisis during a snowstorm

Last winter was a bad scene for me and my family, and although looking back on it isn’t that bad, at the time it seemed like the end of days.

Normally the winters around here are cold, but not too bad.

We get some snow, a bit of ice, but all in all they are very pleasant. Last years for some reason we got beset by the storm of the century. All the power for our rural area was out, and my whole and I were snowed in! For four days we could hardly even leave the house, and it made a big impression on me. Without power, the furnace did not work, nor could we plug in and use any of our space heaters, of which we have several. We had to bundle up, get under blankets, and snuggle up to generate our own heating, and after the second day we all got worried. What if no one ever dug us out, or the power never came on, how long could we go without any kind of real heating? Long story short we all made it safe and sound to the end of the storm, but it really made me think about the importance of heating. I didn’t want us to be in that position again, which meant we couldn’t count on electricity to power our heaters. I like the idea of having a fireplace, so we can chop wood and have heating regardless of the circumstances, but that is kind of pricey so I’ll probably just get a generator instead.


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