I wish I was able to enjoy HVAC units

I am such a lucky man, because instead of being trapped indoors all day I get to earn my living in the great outdoors.

When I was a kid I wanted to be a lifeguard, so I would have the chance to stay on the beach all day long.

I did in fact have that work for a couple of years as a teenager, however it’s not something a grown guy can do to support a family! I was fortunate to parlay my interest in nature into a work with the Parks Department. Now our afternoons are outdoors, rain or shine, sizzling weather or cold, however for most of the year I don’t even use the AC in the standard truck, I like to drive with the windows rolled down enjoying the clean, pollution free air. During the summer seasons it gets so sizzling that even an outdoorsman like me desperately needs to seek solace in the cooling embrace of a cooling system, and that is truly our least favorite time of year, because running the AC impacts our sinuses, however not running it leaves myself and others a sizzling mess by the end of it all. The time of year I love the most is the Winter season, because I have a naturally warm type of body temperature and never really need to use the heater. A gas furnace impacts our breathing the same way a cooling system does, our body simply does not like the recycled air all that much. For the rest of the year I need no form of Heating and Air Conditioning temperature control, because as a “nature boy” I care about the joy of the seasons.

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