Not utilizing the A/C equipment for a week was not the best idea

I frequently go back north to visit my parents.

When I actually visit, I stay for at least a month.

My parents house me, feed me and provide me with all kinds of entertainment. Since I left my property in the South for all that time, I thought it was best to just turn off the A/C equipment. Why would I want to work cooling equipment when I am not there? I realized that I commonly see my parents in the Winter or early Spring time. Not running gas heating equipment or light air conditioner equipment is no big deal! This year I made the choice to leave for the whole summer. The Summer season in the South is sizzling and moist. Not having any cooling in my property for an entire month became a big concern for me. I easily returned to a whole mess of setbacks. The toilet was coated in mold. There was mildew all over my shower walls. I have folding mats I use to exercise with. The mats had various mold spots all over them. The flooring felt spongy and my clothes all smelled terribly funky. I have been trying to get my property back ever since. I wash something everyday with bleach. I have been slowly washing my clothing to get the nasty smell out. I also have been running my A/C equipment to get the moisture out from the air. I truly should have left my HVAC equipment on low cooling mode. Then I would have not come back to all the mess, but I would not have saved as much money as I did on my little vacation either.

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