Not running the A/C machine for such a long while was a mistake

I frequently go back north to visit my parents.

When I visit, I stay for roughly a month.

My parents love to house me, feed me & give me a good amount of entertainment. Since I left my residence in the South for so long, I would just shut off the A/C machine. Why would I want to run a cooling machine when I am not there? I realized that I officially see my parents in the Winter or early Spring time. Not running an oil furnace or light A.C machine is no pressing deal either, however this year I decided to leave for the entire summer season. The summer season in the South is brutally hot & moist. Not having any cooling in my residence for all that time became a pressing drawback for me. I returned to a huge mess of complications. The toilet was filled with mold. There was mildew on my shower walls. I have folding mats I use to work out. The mats had tons of mold spots all over them. The flooring felt entirely spongy like & my clothes all had a rather musty aroma. I have been trying to get my residence back ever since. I clean something everyday with bleach. I have been slowly washing my clothes to get the stink out. I also have been running my A/C machine to get the moisture out of the air. I truly should have left my HVAC machine on low cooling mode. Then I would have not come back to such a terrible mess, but I would not have saved as much currency as I did on my trip either for that matter.

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