House flip plus an attempt to move ductwork

My sibling plus I made the choice to get a property that both of us are going to flip. The condo property is in a historic neighborhood. That means everything changed has to be approved for the area… I am not able to paint the dwelling bright pink because it could entirely affect the neighbors. I also can’t make huge alterations without approval or having a licensed contractor handle the changes. Well, I am certainly am skating around this fine line. Everything outside I am going to take care of by the book. I will get all the permission that is needed plus hire a professional to handle everything. Inside I am going to do the work myself. I will also take down any wall or detach any fixture I want. Who is going to catch me? I just need to be extremely careful about the noise I make plus the debris I leave with. At the moment I want to tear down a wall that separates the main living room plus the kitchen space. The plan is to make the entry way a huge living space with relatively simple access to the kitchen. That small wall really can’t stay there. The minor concern is that there is electrical wiring in the wall. That will be completely easy to move. The tougher thing is that there is ductwork within the wall. I will need to detach the ductwork plus then feed it into a totally different wall. I am a little anxious about this… Messing with Heating, Ventilation plus A/C ducts seems rather challenging and a lot can go wrong. Not only are they totally heavy, however the metal is especially fragile. I could entirely blow a hole in the HVAC duct plus then have to update it. I actually should think about hiring a licensed Heating, Ventilation plus A/C contractor. It will save me so much money if I can do it myself though.

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