A house flip & moving some HVAC duct

My brother & I thought it would be great to buy a residence that we are going to flip! The home is located in a historic village.

  • That means everything changed has to be entirely approved for the area.

I can’t just paint the residence a different color because it might affect the neighbors. I also can’t make serious alterations without approval or having a licensed supplier take care of the job. Well, I am really skating around this very fine line. Everything outside I am going to do by the book. I will get all the permission that happens to be necessary & hire a professional. Inside I am going to do it all on my own. I will also take down any wall or remove any fixture that I deem necessary. Who is going to catch me? I just need to be completely careful about the noise I make & the debris I leave with. Right now I am planning on tearing down a wall that separates the main entryway & the living room. The plan is to make the entry way a massive living space with simple access to the entryway. That small wall seriously has to go. The complication is that there is electrical wiring in the wall. That will be entirely simple to move though. The more difficult thing is that there is HVAC duct located within the wall. I will need to remove the air duct & then feed it into a corresponding wall. I am somewhat worried about this. It seems that messing with Heating & Air Conditioning ducts can be tricky and things can go wrong! Not only are they heavy, however the metal is quite fragile. I could actually make a hole in the actual HVAC duct & then have to replace it. I really should get a licensed Heating & Air Conditioning machine supplier to do it. It will save us a great deal of money if I can figure it out myself though.

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