No more tobacco- using a vape pen

I will be honest with you, I started smoking cigarettes when I was 14 and never stopped.

When I would tell people I was going to quit it was just something I said, I never meant it, and never intended to quit… I just loved the taste of smoke, and the little buzz it gave me, too much to ever stop doing it, but this caused myself and others more and more trouble over the years, as tobacco became more and more demonized in our society. When I would go to the films I would have to sneak outside once or twice just to get my nicotine repair in, but ever since I switched up to the E cig, things have absolutely started getting easier for me. I can take the E cig with myself and others wherever I go, and not have to worry about getting yelled at for inflicting minutehand smoke on people. It isn’t the most high tech vape out there, but it suits my needs and turns out it even saves myself and others money, too. I was spending upwards of forty bucks a month on smokes, and the E cig only costs myself and others a fraction of that. I like it so much I’m thinking about letting the men down at the vape shop set myself and others up with something bigger, that I can use for longer. I like visiting the vape shop and all, but I’d like it more if I only needed to re-up once a month or so. I’m still getting the hang of high tech vape culture, but so far I appreciate it.

nicotine pod