New Insurance Carrier Gives Premium Discount for Gym Members

I recently switched jobs & I got a new insurance carrier.

  • I thought it would be a problem, but our coverage is really good with the new supplier health plan.

The best area of is saving a few bucks on the premium because our wife & I belong to a fitness gym. As long as every one of us supply proof of gym membership, the insurance company cuts 10% off our premium rate. It’s not a huge amount, but even so, it’s something we didn’t have before. It’s nice to get the perk, even though our wife & I visit the gym only occasionally. Both of us are always too busy with work & the kids. I leave for work before sunrise & neither 1 of get condo until late. By the time every one of us make dinner & have a bedtime ritual with out little ones, every one of us have time for laboring out a gym. Both of us have been walking on the treadmill every night. My wife walks 5 miles & I walk seven or eight. Both of us are trying to build up our endurance so every one of us can participate in an upcoming walkathon. The walk is 22 miles & the event is over a two day period. All of the money is going to the local children’s hospital. It’s a good day of fun, activities, games, festivities, & the walk. There are plenty of things for everyone to stay busy. This is the first year that I will be a participant in the walk, so I genuinely want to do well. I would savor to finish with fun times on both afternoons so I can feel proud.

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