It’s important to have excellent climate control to handle old books

Were it not for my Uncle Pete, I might not have ever got started with collecting books. It seriously seemed too vast a field to even approach, and where does one even start? There are millions of books in this world dating back thousands of years, how does one actually begin a collection? Uncle Pete had been collecting books for all his years, but when he decided to retire to Alaska to raise various animals, he handed off the whole thing to me completely… A small library worth of important books made for an instant collection, so I was off the ground running! A substantial portable dehumidifier was provided with all the books, along with a note about how substantial it happens to be. It did not take me long to get how dangerous moisture was for old books, so a dehumidifier was not just a nice thing to have for them, it was absolutely critical for every extreme collector. To easily show I was extreme I legitimately obtained another dehumidifier to help, which I kept as a backup just in case something happened to the first one. This was wonderful for a certain period of time, however, I knew that if I was going to step up and start collecting the best types of books I needed to get extreme with a total climate control machine for the library I was putting together. Insulated glass walls, smart thermostat, multiple whole-household air purifiers, I had a whole plan for the best rare book library. I had a Heating & Air Conditioning corporation send a team out to supply me an inspection and a cost estimate, and the results were a little overwhelming… Who knew climate control could be so expensive?

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