I just found out about HVAC system maintenance plans

I had a pretty good talk with a friend of mine the other day about HVAC system maintenance plans.

I was happy to hear about these HVAC maintenance plans that apparently save people a great deal of money.

I would love to save big on my HVAC system maintenance, and I was just hearing about these sweet maintenance plans that I guess have been around for a long time. I just wondered why my HVAC company never told me about HVAC system maintenance plans. My buddy was telling me that all of the HVAC companies have them, I guess they just wanted to make as much money off of me as possible before I figured out about the plans with the huge savings. When I called up my HVAC company, they were telling me that yes they had the various HVAC system maintenance plans and we got to talking about them. I decided to go for the best value HVAC system maintenance plan which covered 2 HVAC tune-ups per year and I would get 5 free repair calls. I was able to get all of this for so much less than I was paying the HVAC company when I would call them for each repair that I needed. I also figured that with the HVAC system maintenance plan, it would be likely that I wouldn’t have so many problems with my HVAC system. It’s all about preventative maintenance just as my buddy was telling me. I just wish that we would have started talking about this a long time ago so I could have saved a ton of money.

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