A dramatic situation with the new HVAC worker

I’m not exactly a huge fan of drama, but I had to admit that it was funny the other day when I had a pair of HVAC professionals come to my door.

My husband actually called for HVAC system maintenance, but I didn’t realize it.

I asked them if it was necessary to have 2 HVAC technicians to do a fairly simple job, but they told me that one was a new trainee learning out on the field. I was a little bit hesitant because I didn’t want the trainee to ruin our HVAC but the professional assured me that he had everything covered and nothing bad would happen. Well, it turned out into a crazy situation because the trainee kept messing up and the HVAC professional was yelling at the guy non-stop. I actually started laughing when they started arguing with each other. The professional was saying if he didn’t know all the basics, then why did he bother trying to become an HVAC professional. He even asked him if he cheated on the HVAC exam because there were things that should have been obvious to him. The trainee ended up calling an uber and just left because he couldn’t take it. The main HVAC professional apologized for the chaos and said he would be done in a jiffy. He explained that the new guy didn’t seem to have a clue when it came to working HVAC systems and that’s why he was so frustrated. He said that even when he first started out, he at least knew the basics and was a quick learner.

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