Thankful that we have such amazing HVAC technology in our country

Sometimes I wonder why other countries aren’t keeping up with HVAC technology like we are in our country.

We have heating and cooling systems just about everywhere from schools to restaurants.

I can’t even imagine the chaos that would be happening in places that didn’t actually have access to HVAC in our own nation. The thing is, I have traveled to some other countries that didn’t even have HVAC. I would be in the hotels questioning what was going on with the temperature control settings and then I would learn that they didn’t have any HVAC systems whatsoever. That came as incredibly shocking news to me, but then I had to get over the fact. I learned that in some places, it’s just not in the culture to use heating and cooling technology. There were some places that used heating technology but they didn’t bother with cooling systems. It was interesting to learn that a lot of people used fireplaces and would burn wood and even other things like cow dung. I’m glad I don’t live in a place where I would have to throw dried animal poop into the fireplace. Just the thought of the smell that would come from it makes me want to vomit. I truly am thankful that I live in America were we are free and we have some of the finest HVAC technology around. The most beautiful thing is that it only keeps on getting better. Just having a smart thermostat is amazing in itself. It’s wonderful to be able to control the HVAC via your smartphone.

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