Just getting my share of HVAC drama

I’m not exactly a large fan of personal drama, although I had to disclose that it was funny the other random afternoon when I had a pair of HVAC professionals come knocking to our door.

My partner entirely called for HVAC system maintenance, although at first I didn’t realize it.

I asked them if it was necessary to have 2 certified HVAC professionals to do a fairly straight-forward job, but they promptly told myself and others that a single was a modern trainee studying the job in the field. I was a little bit hesitant because I didn’t really want the trainee to ruin our HVAC but the professional assured myself and others many times that she had everything covered plus nothing bad would happen if I trusted them. Well, it turned out into a crazy situation because the trainee kept routinely messing up plus the HVAC professional was yelling at the girl non-stop, and loudly. I entirely started laughing when they started arguing with each other halfway through. The professional was saying if she didn’t understand all the basics, then why did she bother trying to become an HVAC professional. She at some point even asked ]if she cheated on the HVAC exam because there were so many things that should have been evident to him. The trainee eventually ended up calling an uber plus just left because she couldn’t take the yelling. The main HVAC professional apologized for the ridiculous chaos plus said she would be done in a jiffy after that. She explained that the girl didn’t seem to have a clue when it came to working on HVAC systems plus that’s why she was so aggravated.


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