Plugging in the heating systems for the first time in our school is a dramatic event

I never realized how serious plugging in a space heater for the first time could be until I started teaching middle schoolers.

I am from a smaller town that has a very small school, and sometimes, we don’t have enough money to replace our furnaces when they start getting old.

However, the children still need to be able to stay warm while we are learning, so we have a space heater for any classroom that needs one. As you know, when you plug in a space heater for the first time in a long time, it can smell terrible. Often, dust and cobwebs build up inside the small heating system, and these things burn whenever you turn the space heater on. Usually, the smell is unpleasant, but it goes away after 10-20 minutes. Well, our class gets chilly during the winter, and the furnace for our section is probably the worst furnace in the school. Whenever we have the finances, our furnace will definitely be replaced, but until then, we have to find a way to keep the students warm. I plugged in the space heater, and the smell of fire was definitely noticeable. All of my students complained about the smell. In all fairness, the smell seemed to linger, but the boys were really whining about it. The girls seemed fine because they realized how warm it was. The guys wanted me to turn off the heating system, and they were gagging. I couldn’t believe that a space heater would become such a problem in the classroom. It seemed so silly.

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