We only have space heaters in our classrooms

I work at a private school in a foreign country, and we have had to meet in a smaller building that wasn’t necessarily designed to be a school. Regardless, it works as a school with only one major problem. We don’t have any furnace or heating system that heats the entire building where we do our school work. At first, this was really frustrating. We had to figure out how we were going to heat our entire school, but since we were renting the building, we didn’t want to pay to have a heating system installed that we couldn’t take with us. Finally, we decided to purchase ductless mini-split air conditioners. Since school was going to start during the summertime, we realized that it would be wise to have an air conditioner in each of the classrooms. However, once the weather got colder, these HVAC units also had a heat pump that would heat the classrooms. This meant that we wouldn’t need to have a heating system installed. These small HVAC units would mount high in the classroom and were easy to install. However, during the winter, the ductless mini-split air conditioners didn’t heat the rooms very efficiently, so we also had to use smaller space heaters for the rest of the job. Our school only has space heaters for the entire building, but at least we are warm, as long as we don’t walk through the hallway. Since we didn’t want to put space heaters in the main walkway, these areas are freezing cold. However, we have learned to get used to it and be thankful that we have a heating system in our classrooms.


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