Air conditioners are so convenient

When you come to think of it, air conditioners aren’t really a necessity, are they? For thousands of years, people lived and died without ever having an air conditioner.

When I hear kids tell me that they would die if the air conditioner turns off, I always laugh. I remember that we never had air conditioners as kids. However, no matter how much time I spent bashing air conditioners and telling you that they aren’t completely necessary, I will admit that air conditioners do have one thing going for them. Air conditioners are definitely convenient. A lot of the time, we lie to romanticize the past like it was so wonderful and nice the way that it was. However, I remember feeling hot while walking inside during a really warm day outside. Sure, I was avoiding heat stroke, but it wasn’t comfortable inside. Air conditioners take away that problem. Air conditioners may not be necessary for survival, but they do make a lot of unpleasant things more comfortable, and I love that. Even working is better with an air conditioner running. Nobody likes to be hot and sweaty all of the time, and an air conditioner can prevent that. If somebody told me right now that we would have to get rid of all the air conditioners in the world for our safety, I wouldn’t mind getting rid of them. I would be a little sad, but I could do it. However, you still would have to admit that air conditioners were fun while they lasted. I still like having them around.


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