Too much anxiety, especially when I need actual help like from the HVAC company

It’s honestly not easy when you are trying to get through this world having high anxiety.

When you have powerful anxiety you can get into situations that become socially awkward with high anxiety.

I actually get really stressed about simple things like calling to order food or something of that nature. Just imagine how difficult it is for me when I need some real help like calling for the HVAC company to come help me out. Every single time I call the HVAC company, I feel entirely stressed like maybe I did something wrong with my HVAC equipment. You know that feeling if you haven’t brushed your teeth incredibly well and maybe you didn’t floss as much as you should; and then you have to see the dentist. For me it’s kind of like that, but in this case I have somebody coming over to my house, so it’s actually worse for me in a way. Perhaps it’s not as bad as getting a filling for a cavity, but it’s definitely stressful and easily just as embarrassing. For starters, if your home is a mess, that’s enough to be stressed out about in itself. You don’t want people to think you are living like a pig, not even your HVAC technician. It might be true that they don’t necessarily care about stuff like that, but I certainly am self conscious about my own household. I start to think about the air filters in the same way I think about my flossing too. I feel like I have to change the air filter to a fresh one even if the air filter has already been changed. I do this so that it will be clean as can be and they can’t give me a hard time about not changing the air filter frequently.

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