They’re going to get a taste of radiant heated floors this weekend

This upcoming weekend, I am planning a pretty big party for all my friends and families.

  • I have even invited a bunch of neighbors that I have never really hung out with.

The thing I am really excited about is showing off my new heating system. I had radiant heated floors installed not too long ago. This new heating system is absolutely phenomenal and it’s more comfortable than any other heating system I have ever used. I also used to worry a lot about dust and debris in the ductwork. These days, I don’t have to worry as much about the ductwork because I won’t be using it when I am using the heating system. That means the air quality will not be affected by whatever is coming from the system of ductwork. It’s a beautiful thing. I still will get my ductwork cleaned for the sake of using the cooling system, but eventually I hope to have an entirely ductless HVAC system. In the meantime, I want all my people to see what radiant heated floors are all about. I swear that I am going to have all kinds of people asking to come hang out at my place, and I enjoy the company. I love preparing food for people and I love having conversations with all kinds of great people. I even enjoy playing beer pong and cards games with all the people. We might even go to my backyard to play horseshoes or something, it’s all about the good times when you come to my house to hang out!

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