Helping people in the neighborhood

I am someone who really enjoys helping people.

I do it any chance I can.

I even like to help people that I hardly know if I can. It is just in my good nature. I can tell you an example of this. There is a guy that lives up the road that I kind of know a little bit, but not very well as he just moved in there about 2 months ago. He was getting a new hot water boiler installed into his home and he had some issues with it after it was installed. I have a lot of experience in repairing hot water boilers because I used to be a certified heating and air conditioning specialist at a heating and cooling company in the city I used to live in. I had left the heating and air conditioning business for a better career in something else when I moved where I live today. So anyway, with that certified heating and air conditioning repair I have under my belt, I offered to help the guy up the road out with the issues he was having with his hot water boiler! After I figured out the problem and repaired the hot water boiler, he offered to pay me some money for the help. Just because of my good nature I could not accept the payment. I just could not bring myself to actually do it! This is just how good hearted I can be. The guy was obviously on a strict budget, so helping him save money and the nice feeling I had inside because of that was perfect payment!