Moving is incredibly difficult and annoying

If you’ve lived in several homes, then you know how challenging it is to transfer all of your stuff.

Since you collect things in every single living situation, and then try to transfer them to a newer space, then it’s incredibly laborious and hard to do the physical labor.

Plus in the end it’s often hard to position your belongings nicely in a particularly sized and in a good location. I swear, for it usually takes at least a year for me to memorize where everything is at. Often times, it takes even longer to understand the placement of the air vents, light switches, plus outlets in the house! These can be big obstacles when it comes to placing all of your belongings. To make matters even worse, the older I get, the more it seems the house builders are completely insufficient when it comes to placing air vents around a house. There’s gotta be someone who is experiencing a similar problem as I am. I have no idea why a furnace would be situated deep down in the crawl space of the home. I also cannot comprehend why an air filter would be tucked in the back, around the corner, and through several pointy objects when you need to access it every week! Worst of all, I am so frustrated trying to position my furniture around these terrifically inconvenient air vents. I recognize that I cannot see if any of my furniture is blocking any air vents and reducing my indoor air quality. I swear, at some point I am just going to build my own house.


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