I don’t like modern HVAC vents

If you have lived in numerous homes, then you will understand how difficult and annoying it can be to constantly move things around.

It’s harshly laborious and difficult to do the physical labor, and in the end it’s often difficult to position your belongings in a proper location.

I swear, sometimes it takes at least a year for mye to understand where everything sits in a new home! Often times, it takes even longer to understand the spots of the air vents, light switches, and outlets in the house. These can be annoying obstacles when it comes to placing all of your belongings. To make matters even worse, the older I get, the more it seems the modern house builders are completely unsatisfactory when it comes to placing air vents around a house. I cannot be the only human who has particular expectations when it comes to their indoor air quality and accessibility to HVAC devices. I have no idea why a furnace would be located deep down in the crawl part of the home. I cannot comprehend why an air filter would be tucked in the back, around the corner, and through numerous pointy objects when you need to access it every week! Worst of all, I am so frustrated trying to position my furniture around these terribly inconvenient air vents. I cannot see if any of my furniture is down from blocking every HVAC duct and reducing my indoor air quality. I swear, one day I’ll just build my own home.

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