I let a television show make me cold

I really got into a television show the other day.

It was pretty cool in almost every way.

The movie was based on the times of knights and kings. They were battling with axes and swords, while the snow was flying all around them. Men were in short metal outfits and I was shivering for them. As I sat there, I began to feel a bit cold myself. I was glad that I had a Smart Thermostat because I was able to adjust the thermostat with my smartphone app. I adjusted the thermostat to a higher temperature so I could get warm. It suddenly hit me that the only time I had a hard time heating my house, was when it was too dry. I checked my humidifier, only to find that the water tub was empty. I filled the water tub and started the humidifier back up. I noticed a big difference in the way the air was feeling. I began to think about the way those men were fighting and how they were exposed to the weather. It made me think about how my little brother was in the army and overseas. It surprised me to realize that I had never thought about the conditions he may be experiencing and how he may not have the proper heating and air conditioning. I suddenly had an all new perspective on my brother and I was very proud of him. It also made me very glad to have excellent HVAC in my own home, I’m glad that I live in a time when we have modern heating and air conditioning.


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