Excellent climate control was on my wish list

There is nothing I hate more than when I get a mailbox full of junk mail. I can’t believe companies are still allowed to send all of this junkmail, when it is wasting thousands of trees. EVeryone I know simply chucks it into the trash can and they don’t even open it. I got a letter the other day that I had to open. I could hear it calling to me because I thought it was going to tell me I had won the contest. I went online and entered a contest where I could win $100,000. The letter announced that I was the next $100,000 winner. Even before I opened the letter, I was dreaming of new homes and cars with excellent heating and air conditioning, and heated seats. I was dreaming of the new HVAC system I was going to put in the house. We were going to have radiant heated flooring. I was going to have an air purification system installed into the HvAC system. I finally opened up the letter and I went from being overjoyed to being angry. The letter was just another one of those bogus come ons that involve buying something and having a one in ten billion chance of winning. I knew that even though I didn’t win the money, I was still going to have the radiant heated flooring, the new HVAC system and the air purification system installed. I knew it was going to cost me a lot of money, but I was sure I could get some credit from the HvAC company.



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