I wanted to do it on my own

I was one proud kid when I worked and was finally able to buy my own car.

It was my very first major purchase, but it wasn’t going to last.

I really wanted to be able to work on my own car, and I was thrilled when my father offered to teach me. The first thing he did was to teach me how to change the oil. When the alternator died, he showed me how to install a new one. He even helped me to get the air conditioning system working again. He said it seemed like I was out of refrigerant. We went to town and ended up buying an air conditioner refrigerant refill kit, and I was shocked to find that it wasn’t very expensive. When I bought my home, I was once again excited to learn how to work on it. With the help of my dad, I learned how to clean the air conditioning unit, so I didn’t have to waste my money. He showed me how to change the air filters and he even recommended what kind to buy. He said that how often you changed the air filter depended on the air filter. You could get a disposable air filter and you would throw them away once a month. There was also an air filter that was able to be washed. I wasn’t afraid to get dirty, so I went with the washable air filter. Every week, I remove the air filter and I scrub it good and then return the air filter. It has saved me a lot of money on air filters. If there is any other work to be done, I call the HvAC company. Dad says that is a smart way to take care of the HvAC system.

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