Our house needs to be deodorized

A couple of months ago, my husband and I were awaken by a loud noise.

It sounded a little bit like something was eating our home.

He shined the light out of the window and there was this huge skunk chewing on my garden swing. Before I thought, I yelled at the skunk, but he just turned and looked at us and went back to chewing on the wood. Unfortunately, the skunk didn’t forget that we had interrupted his gnawing. Before he left, he sprayed our house and the odor was bad enough that I ended up having an asthma attack and went to the hospital even before morning’s first light. Once I was able to breathe again, they left me go home. We could smell the skunk even before we got out of the car. The still damp air, was keeping the odor right there. We talked to the HVAC company to see if they could suggest a way to get rid of odor. He told us that all they could do was to be an air purifier inside the house. We could get a portable air purifier, but since I had told him that I had asthma, he was pretty certain we should choose a whole home air purifier and it would go right in with our HVAC. We hired him to install the new air purifier, but until we could get rid of the odor, we had to go to a hotel. I had to wash and sanitize everything inside my house, once the HVAC company got rid of the indoor odor. I prayed for a lot of rain to get rid of the outdoor odor.

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