The weather is driving my crazy

For almost a month now, we have had rain every day.

The problem is that the rain is always throughout the day and then it clears up at night. I need to get my house cleaned, but I can’t clean when there is mud all over outside. I don’t want to be up all day and then clean at night when I am disturbing the family who can sleep. I don’t know what to do other than invent a self cleaning house. Everyone is inventing things to make life easier. They have given us air purifiers to clean the air and give us good air quality. They invented the humidifier and dehumidifier to go into the HVAC systems. These also help to improve our air quality. Someone came up with the brilliant idea of Zone Control. If they can create these amazing products, then why not some way to automatically clean the house. I know someone is probably thinking about the Robot sweeper, but I have the type of house that the robot sweeper won’t work in. I have a lot of steps and some little steps up or down between the rooms. I have mostly tile, which needs swept but it also needs to be mopped. I heard that the air purifier can help with the dust, but what happens when my HVAC system isn’t running, like in the spring or fall. Then what happens to the dust in my house? The Jetsons was an old cartoon from the sixties. Rosey the robot cleaned, walked the dog and even babysat when they needed someone to watch the kids. Do you think someone can come up with a prototype for a Rosey for me?

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