Holy Frizz! What happened to the AC?

I went shopping for some groceries the other day.

  • I walked into the store and I nearly walked right back out.

It was so hot inside the store that I couldn’t barely breathe. I saw one woman walking in front of me. I swore I could see her hair frizzing, even as we walked from the front of the store to the back. The humidity was building so quickly that you could feel it causing the skin to prickle and itch. One of the managers came flying by me and I heard her on her phone. She was saying something about the HVAC company and they were supposed to be in store already. I could have told her they weren’t doing anything yet, because the temperature was steadily raising. I couldn’t handle the heat any longer and I walked up to the service desk. There were people constantly walking out of the store and I saw about twenty people walk in and walk right back out, just while I was waiting for someone to talk to me. Finally, the manager came up and even before I said anything, she handed me a discount coupon for twenty percent off anything in the store. She told me that air conditioning had quit working and as soon as the HVAC technician arrived, it shouldn’t take long for him to get the AC working. I thanked her for the coupon and for the information about the air conditioning. I then told her I was just checking on an item that was supposed to be put back for me for pick up.

Electric heat pump