The heat and cold can aggravate a mood

I don’t know if you have ever noticed, but more and more I am seeing that many people’s moods are affected by the weather.

It isn’t just the weather and temperatures outside, but the temperature inside.

I know that if it is too hot in the house, I can be quite testy. I don’t mean to be nasty or even to be short tempered, but I just can’t help it when the acid flies off my tongue. My husband seems to think it more has to do with my menopause than with the temperatures, and this gets me upset, because I feel like he is being condescending or sexist. When I get really hot, I will go into my office and turn up the thermostat. I don’t like summer much, anymore, because I don’t handle the heat very well. I need to have air conditioning if I want my mood to remain being mellow and not to get mean. I get upset when my husband laughs at me, I don’t find it one bit funny to have someone laughing at me. He will hug me and tell me he is just trying to make me smile, but I don’t want to smile. I prefer to go to my room and, once again, I will adjust the thermostat so I have a plentiful supply of air conditioning blowing into the room. After awhile, I am in a better mood, and I will rejoin the family. When it is winter, it is easy to put on a jacket or turn up the thermostat and get some heat. When it is too hot, all I want to do is scream because I can’t take off enough clothing off, and still be decent.



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