Having problems with cleaning air conditioner and changing air filter

Last Sunday did not turn out as I had hoped.

It was my first day off from work in over six weeks, and I was determined to make the most of it. I had a long list of taks I planned to get done. I set my alarm for eight o’clock, but failed to get up. I kept hitting the snooze button, and didn’t end up getting out of bed until after ten. I immediately noticed that my dog had an accident on the floor. After a tough start, I was still eager to get some yardwork accomplished outside. The temperature was already in the mid eighties, and the humidity was brutal. I hauled out my wheelbarrow, shovel and rake and got to work. Within five minutes, I’d gotten stung by a bee and cut myself with the pruning shears. Feeling a bit discouraged, I decided to move onto the maintenance of the air conditioner. I knew it was in desperate need of a good cleaning. I removed the dirty air filter and then realized I had no replacement available. I brought the clogged air filter with me to the hardware store, but left it in the car when I headed inside. I had to retrace my steps, in the heat, over the hot asphalt. Since the air conditioner in my car refused to blow any cool air, I was drenched in sweat by the time I returned home. Instead of turning down the thermostat and drinking lemonade with the air conditioner blowing on me, I replaced the air filter and then removed the cabinet from the cooling unit to clean it. I took my time and was very careful, and still managed to break a belt and damage a fan blade. I made a second trip to the hardware store, but they didn’t have either of the parts available. I checked every supplier of HVAC parts in the area, and no one carried those particular parts in the correct size. I was forced to order the parts and go several days without air conditioning.
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