Crazy that all it took was increasing the HVAC air filter

I swear, the last couple of years have been 1s for the books.

  • I don’t suppose there are too several people who would disagree with me on that 1.

I remind myself that it could be much tougher. And for millions of other people while both of us were in the pandemic, it was agitated. Luckily my family got through the pandemic without any extreme illness. We’re now all vaccinated plus think enjoy embracing the current wormal just continues. In fact, both of us still stay pretty close to the a/c safety of our cabin even though we are all in a much better spot when it comes to the virus. Both of us worked from the a/c security of our cabin instead of the commercial HVAC of our offices for nearly a year plus a half. Our youngsters are in Middle School plus they too were learning from the air-conditioning at home. That was strenuous on them too. Yet I was honestly content to see how both of us came together as a family. There was far more patience plus respect among us than I thought was possible. And there were benefits from spending all that time inside the central a/c of our home. And our air quality got much better. My child found some information on how pressing superb indoor air conditions is to our immune system. And all it took was making a single air filter change. I simply changed over to HEPA filters. With this change, the HEPA filter is removing more than 99 percent of airborne contaminants. And our indoor air conditions is vastly improved.


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