There’s art and there’s work

I can deliver you a clear cut example of how I turned a bad day into a superb day.

I didn’t sleep last evening and awoke early thinking about how much task I had to do working online for this local business.

I went for an afternoon ride and swim and still wasn’t feeling great, however I still told myself that I am going to just do my Heating as well as A/C system task as best as possible and not judge it in the process. I just mindlessly did what I had to do (clearly) and listened to songs while time passed. After a while I looked back and saw that basically all of my task had been done, almost as though someone else swooped in and did it for me. I guess this is a superb way to get through difficult tasks including cleaning the HVAC duct in a tepid attic or trying to program a new smart control unit in your house. Just attempt to let the task happen and notice it being done while not judging the fact of you love doing it or not. You can love cleaning dirty ducts in an old time Heating as well as A/C system if you tell yourself how much fun it is. Or if you don’t think about it at all and just get it done. I mean, that is the way I love to do things that aren’t deemed as fun. Being an expert Heating as well as A/C specialist is usually a nice way to work, however sometimes you have to get tepid and sweaty in an insulated attic, so you learn to get by. I hope this meant something to you. I should be someone’s life coach, see ya!



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