The town will be taken over

Things are gonna get a little spooky and startling in this town as the horror film people descend in with their films shown in the local businesses.

Last year they even had a zombie walk where a whole bunch of people were zombies and walked the town in a trance.

My Heating as well as A/C rep and my best Heating as well as A/C tech friends were doing the walk too. If you didn’t recognize before then what was going on you may have been shaken up a bit as they looked and walked as zombies. I was genuinely working at the heating and cooling shop so I couldn’t do the halloween walk myself. I wonder if that could ever happen as all of the films depict. Today I am going to task on my small section of oil furnace and service the cord that is currently broken and get it ready for the cold days that will be coming soon. I currently guess all of us have about 1 more month at the most of warmish weather and then I believe things are going south for several weeks. Usually September requires some indoor heating in the afternoon so that means all of us are only more than two or three weeks away from the cold days. I love going for a ride on my bike each afternoon when it is cold as it gives myself and others a jolt of energy, especially whenever I plunge in the chilly sea, which I will be doing soon once the temps start dropping and the sea cools right down. I’m off to service this radiant oil furnace of mine.

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