We’re almost a ghost town now

The people I was with and I have only a few more days of this festival, which actually starts tomorrow, and then the town is actually going to be quite barren for a while as the Winter time season and cold weather rolls rapidly in.

  • It looks as if it is going to start dipping down into the mid 50’s at evening in about a single month or so, warranting some central heat in my flat to keep the chill out of the air.

I personally need to get that furnace filter cleaned soon so that I don’t sneeze when my heat turns on for the first time this year. Well, actually my heat was on briefly earlier this year up until about March when the weather started heating back up again. I’m looking forward to some tasty grilled cheese sandwiches with soup to keep myself and others sizzling on those cold Winter time days. It’s not exactly Winter time yet and my heating isn’t turned on yet, however I guess today I will go and treat myself to a grilled cheese sandwich in a bit. I have to go to more than two local supplier companies to get everything however they are all located pretty close to 1 another. It’ll probably take myself and others about twenty minutes to get everything and get back to the apartment to make it so I am going to bite the bullet and go do it right away now before I get much hungrier. The Heating as well as A/C specialist I task with easily got myself and others hooked on this dinner combo a while ago and I still like having it. : )

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