HVAC almost didn’t get to winter

It was closer than I want to ever be to losing my entire residential HVAC.

At least the heating and cooling equipment.

I guess smothering a heat pump wouldn’t effect the ductwork all that much. But I came so close to having to replace the rest of the HVAC system. And it was all because I did something I knew I shouldn’t do. It’s January and when I sit on my porch and look at the garden, I know it won’t be too much longer before I’m tending it again. We live in a part of the south that doesn’t see freezing temperatures much at all. But we still get a cold snap or two in January and February which needs a bit of heating. The growing cycle for some of the stuff in our garden goes all the way into November. And that’s how I almost killed the heat pump. I was weeding the garden and tossing all the refuse onto a tarp. Well, the tarp got all wet and I wanted to dry it in the sun after I emptied the weeds into the compost. When I draped the tarp over the HVAC cabinet outside of my house, I knew then that this was stupid. But I was so sure that I’d remember to pull it off before the heat pump kicked on. Well, I got caught up and the heat pump ran for hours with very obstructed airflow. Thankfully, I remembered before it was destroyed. But I still called the HVAC professionals to have them come out and inspect it. Who knowingly throws a tarp on an HVAC cabinet? What a stupid move that was.

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