Closing the center for four days to upgrade the whole home heating system among other things

Cries at the drop-off, especially from newcomers, are a norm at any daycare center.

I remember the first time I took my daughter to daycare for the first time.

She could not stop crying whenever I attempted to leave. Working with children is so exhausting but also very fulfilling. We had given the parents a one-month notice that we would be closed for four days to take care of renovations and upgrades. One of them was installing new heating equipment. The other was renovating the play area. I called the usual heating company, but they told me they were busy when we wanted our upgrade to take place. One of my colleagues referred me to a different heating dealer. A month before the installation, an HVAC professional from that heating business came to assess the size of the daycare, among other things that would help him determine the size of the whole home heating equipment. We had chosen a heat pump that we found ideal for the center. We set the day for the heat pump installation. The heating technician helped us determine the best SEER ratings for the device. The workman from the heating business gave us a heater maintenance plan that we would implement to ensure that it ran smoothly. The expert told us a lot about the heating industry, especially things we could implement to maintain good working order with our HVAC system. We learned more about heating and the new smart thermostat. We were back to business with the daycare in excellent condition.


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